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TWG is a web-based tool to create digital passes for marketing, sales and promotions
The pass needs to be added to the customers’ mobile first and once done, they will continuously receive any push notifications online or offline.
The tool itself to create the pass is online but the push notifications once added works offline.
Yes! The pass you build and brand works for both Apple & Android devices.
A pass can be built and be ready to use within minutes. It is very easy to build & brand your pass using The Wallet Group’s pass designer.
You have full control of your pass. You will receive a username & password to login to The Wallet Group’s Pass Manager Dashboard. The Pass Manager Dashboard gives you full control of the pass, from designing & messaging to tracking engagement & configuring your pass.
There are 3 ways to have your audience add your pass to their digital wallet. 1. Scan QR code. 2. Click a hyperlink. 3. Tap a NFC tag. These 3 ways are the most frictionless way for your audience to add your pass. There is no app download needed or signup needed for your consumers.
By promoting it to your consumers! This is your number one job. You need to let your consumers know that you have a pass and the value it brings them. Whether you have a brick and mortar location or are solely online, there are plenty of ways to promote your pass and get people on your pass. Ask us how others are promoting their passes!
You are not collecting any data. Your consumers do not need to provide any information. They add your pass and that is it! There is an option to register a pass where you could ask for your consumer’s information but that is completely optional.
All types of businesses can take advantage of the pass to drive more sales.
Yes, the passes can be shared.
Since TWG is a web-based tool, you may access it using any gadgets that have internet access.
Once you have an account, just go to https://addthispass.com/ and login with your credentials then you can create and design the pass from there.
You may do everything under your account through https://addthispass.com/ including adding and deleting passes and other configuration. To delete, click on “Configure Pass Settings” and click on Remove to delete.
Yes you can. You can schedule future messages. The old adage of set it and forget it.
You sure can! You can use our geofencing or beacon features to send location based messages.
Totally. From the Pass Manager Dashboard you can track all the engagement you received from the pass. You can see all the people who called, emailed, got directions, visited your website, visited your socials, and much more.
Unfortunately, this feature is not available at this time.
Go to the pass dashboard at https://addthispass.com/, after creating the pass, select the pass you’d like to send under the “Manage Current Passes”. Then under action, select “Distribute Pass” and choose your preferred method of distribution.
You have the option to distribute the pass through QR code, URL link or NFC tags.

The pricing depends on the number of pass holders you’d like to have access to your pass monthly. You may check our pricing here

The pricing is based on the price holder, meaning to say, they are based on the subscribers. Hence, you can send unlimited messages.
Absolutely! Since you’ll be able to distribute the pass through QR code or URL link, you may simply add either or both on your app to link it.
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The push notification is sent through the pass. Once they have added the pass initially and provided access, all notifications and new passes will be sent to them as push notifications unless turned off.

This depends on the package that you purchased. For more information, please check it here.

Yes, you may set an expiration date for the pass and it will automatically stop sending when the date is reached.

We have the engagement feature where you can track the activities done from the app such as phone calls, email clicks, social media clicks etc.

No, you may place the beacon or QR code anywhere you’d like to set it up but since it is mainly used for marketing purposes, it would be better if it is set up within an accessible proximity to the business so that a possible conversion is more likely.

Yes, the access given has full control over the account and the passes.

There is none required. We do consulting for the strategies or designing of the pass which has a separate charge but 100% not needed.
Everything is done in the portal, so the person who has access to the account has the control over this feature.
Yes, you can put as many as you want.
No, the notification is sent to each device that passes through the beacon regardless if it’s the first or the 20th time.
We do not process any payments. The pass lives in the wallet but it does not transact in the wallet.
Yes you can! Like any other marketing channel, you can monetize it. If you get a big enough pass following, you can certainly monetize your pass.